5 Most Ignored Sleep Problems

For many of us, we usually ignore some of our sleep problems especially if we still do not see their huge effects on our health and day to day living. And while some minor sleep disorders are not life-threatening, it may still affect the over-all quality of your life. Also, most of them, may give you problems in the long run, if left untreated.

So, today, we will be listing some of the most commonly ignored sleep problems that you may want to watch out for.

  1. Waking up frequently throughout the night

Sometimes, we may wake up during the night to pee, which is actually normal, but if it happens very frequently, then you might want to stop and look for the problem. Usually, the main culprit is drinking too much water before retiring to bed. So, our advice is to avoid doing that. If this is not the case, then you may be suffering from sleep apnea. It is a condition in which your airway closes temporarily. Because of the closure, your brain will signal the body to compensate and solve the breathing problem. This, in turn, will wake you up. If this is what you think is happening, then it is best to visit your doctor for consultation and proper treatment.

Another possible reason for this is an uncomfortable mattress. Make sure that your bed meets what your body needs. For example, if you have chronic back pain, experts will usually recommend memory a foam mattress because it has the ability to follow the shape of your body, thereby reducing pressure from your spine and back. Luckily, there are a lot of great mattress types and all you need is to do your research to find what suits you and your budget the best.

Your choice, of course, will still depend on your preference, but doing your own research will help a lot. Some of the most common mattress types include memory foam, innerspring and latex. If you want a combination of memory foam and old style innerspring, then hybrid is the best choice for you.

  1. Experiencing nightmares regularly

We all know that dreaming is totally normal. The problem comes in when we already experience nightmares on a regular basis. Of course, this is not a good experience especially if your dreams are already affecting the quality of your sleep. According to experts, recurring nightmares may also be an indicator that you are suffering from sleep apnea, which, just like what we have mentioned earlier, happens when your airway closes or don’t sleep on best memory foam mattress topper.

For those who always experience nightmares, there are some simple things that you may want to try in order to solve the problem. First, it is important to stop worrying about things that you cannot control. It is best to always stay positive in order to clear your head. Secondly, avoid watching horror movies right before bedtime. They can cause anxiety for some people. Some people say that meditating before going to bed actually helps.

  1. Teeth grinding or also known as Bruxism

Some people grind their teeth during sleep. And while it is usually not harmful, it can cause oral health problems if it happens on a regular basis.

As for its cause, the most usual is stress, but it may also be due to an abnormal bite or even missing tooth. Again, if it already affects your oral health, then you should consult your dentist. Usually, they will recommend you to get a mouth guard.

The following may also help reduce teeth grinding:

  • Avoiding alcohol especially before retiring to bed. Studies suggest that it can intensify episodes.
  • Avoiding drinks that contain caffeine such as coffee and soda.
  • Avoiding chewing gums because it does not help in relaxing your jaw muscles. As much as possible, make it a conscious effort to relax your jaw. Putting a lukewarm cloth against your cheek for a couple of minutes at a time may do wonders.
  1. Sleep walking

As the name implies, it is a condition in which a person walks while asleep. This usually happens when a person is transitioning from a deep sleep to a lighter stage, just before one wakes up. This is more common during childhood, but adults can experience this too.

There are many possible causes, but the most common is genetics, meaning, it usually runs in the family. Other possible causes include sleep deprivation, stress, being drunk, drugs and obstructive sleep apnea.

  1. Not remembering the things you’ve done

There are some occasions where you find yourself feeling weird and not remembering what you have done last night. If you experience this even if you were not drunk before retiring to bed, then it may be parasomnia disorder. Usually, this leads to sleep walking.

Knowing the most common sleep problems may help us to become aware of what should be consulted to a doctor. Just like what we have mentioned earlier, some of these, when left untreated, may greatly affect us. So, if you are suffering from sleepless nights already, you may want to consider consulting an expert.

Tips To Design The Ideal Bedroom For Better Sleep

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. It should be a place where you can just relax and reenergize for the next day. This is only possible if your bedroom has a conducive atmosphere for sleep. If you are looking to give your bedroom a makeover, in an attempt to make it your own oasis, then this article is perfect for you. Today, we will be discussing effective, but very doable tips that you can apply if you are looking to change your room for the better.

  1. Your bed is probably the most important piece of furniture inside the bedroom. Did you know that you will spend approximately 1/3 of your life sleeping? Yes, that’s correct! With this in mind, it is important to invest in a very good mattress. First of all, it should be comfortable. You should also take into consideration the type of mattress that you will get. There are so many varieties in the market today such as the traditional innerspring, memory foam, latex and many more.

Since mattresses can be quite expensive, you should take all the time that you need to research extensively to find your best mattress uk. Also, you can ask for help from experts to ensure that what you are buying will meet your needs and wants. Some companies will even allow you to test the mattress that you are eyeing.

Aside from mattresses, you should also check out good pillows, toppers and bed linens to complete your perfect bed.

  1. Another important consideration is the lighting in the bedroom. As much as possible, sleep with the lights off because the body’s natural body clock follows dark and light cycle. This just means that it will be easier for you to fall asleep if the lights are dimmed or off.

It is also not wise to put electronic gadgets and television in your bedroom because they emit light that can disrupt your sleep. If this is not possible, just make sure to keep them away, for example, in your side table or cabinet.

  1. Make sure that your room is equipped with air condition and heating systems. Achieving the right amount of temperature is one of the keys to a great sleep experience. According to experts, the temperature to achieve optimal sleep is anywhere between 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. It is important that your room will make you feel relax. One way to do this is by choosing the right color for your walls, decorations and curtains. Go for colors that are not too loud such as blues and pastels.
  3. Always make sure that your room is clean. Who would want to sleep in a room full of clutter? A much as possible, keep everything organized. In a way, this will also help you to feel less anxious if you are already stressed out from other things.
  4. Keeping your room quiet is also ideal. If you cannot sleep without hearing any sound, then you can check out white noise machines. Or, if you want, you can also opt for things that produce soothing sounds such as wind chimes.
  5. The scent of your room will also play a huge role as to whether you will have great sleep or not. Depending on your preference, choose a scent that you will use for your bedroom. One of the most popular scents today is lavender.

There you have it! These are just some of the things that you can do to your bedroom to help create an environment and atmosphere that will inevitably bring you to dream land.

Tiny House And Its Advantages

There are various reasons why nowadays people are being obsessed with tiny houses. Maybe they are just bowled over with the huge advantages a tiny home can offer.  The main advantage is, it provides financial freedom and you shall be free from the enormous burdens of home loans or mortgage issues. You will enjoy the emotional freedom, a green, environment-friendly lifestyle and the contentment of being with oneself.

For you as a prospective buyer who dreams of a new home with an impeccable house to live in, tiny house has a lot in store for you. Here are some of the advantages of living in a tiny house.

Financial freedom:

Tiny houses will in evidently save you thousands of money. With smaller homes, you will have lesser needs to spend on maintenance and furnishing. Envy your friends with an investment in a tiny house that will save you from tons of property tax, sustenance cost, and household goods.

Environment-friendly lifestyle:

Small and tiny houses require fewer spaces to build and offer something more relish from nature. They consume less resource and focus more on sharing facilities like bathroom, kitchen, open yard, gardens, and greenery.

Save moments of life:

Life cannot be worse than keeping up with the daily chores of life and holding on to the physical stuff of earthly-minded people. Living in a tiny house can keep up with your desires and eagerness on what you are inclined to accomplish. Spend time in being what you are more prudent than being in a superficial world of lust and longing.

Liberate yourself from being a physical prisoner

Think of a house where there are junk goods stuffed all around. With things all around, we stress our mind caring for them, carrying it with us every time and tiring our minds with its future. In a tiny house, you will care more about your family, friends and their well-being. Liberate your stressed mind by caring for things that you necessarily need and is primarily relevant.

Be nature-friendly and make room for it

If gardening is your passion, then there can be nothing better than a tiny house where you can enjoy the maximum, as you will always very close to the pure nature and aromatic flowers. Here is a large selection by the link. Tiny homes offer more space for yards, gardens, meadows even ponds. You will love the small picnic outings and family trips near about your house.

Tiny house-a home on wheels

With tiny houses you can take your house on the road. If you in the lookout thinking of a house in free roads, blue skies and an artistry backdrop, tiny houses is your ticket to bliss and euphoria. Build small houses which you can carry on your wheels while you drive through the roads and look for an adventure.

Associate more with your family

A tiny house will naturally make you associate with your near and dear ones. Instead of living in spacious, big separate rooms with no idea of what’s going on in the house, live life and focus more on family needs.

Creativity is a special art. Why not spend more time fantasizing life in a tiny house where there is life and breath. Let your dreams run free. Imagine a tiny house with family and friends staying all together in a single home, sharing and caring. Remember, with a small house you have less to worry and have things all your way. A tiny house, simply let you live with a clear vision,  directly and indirectly contribute a lot to the environment and society.

3 Popular Science Books About Cannabis

If you are looking for information related to cannabis then the internet can be a great source. Here you will find all kinds of books related to the topic. But not all books are worth reading. Here are some popular science books about cannabis.

Cannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana

By – Michael Backes,‎ Andrew Weil

In this book, you will find out how cannabis affects our body. You will know how to prepare your body to accept cannabis and how to control the dosage of it. You will know about the various kinds of cannabis and how much of it must be taken. You will learn about the diseases that can be treated with medical marijuana.

The Pot Book: A Complete Guide to Cannabis

By – Julie Holland M.D.

The author of this book is an expert in the science and medicine of recreational cannabis. From this book, you will get to know about the physical and psychological effects of marijuana. You will understand the roles cannabis plays in medicine and society. You will learn about the latest researches conducted on marijuana.

Marihuana: The Forbidden Medicine

By – Dr. Lester Grinspoon

This book teaches you the medical use of marijuana. The author supports legalization of both recreational and medical marijuana. The book explains how marijuana can help with depression and other diseases. If you are interested in medical marijuana, then this book is for you.

These books are very informative and will help you to learn a lot about cannabis. You can have these books as part of your collection and refer to them from time to time.

3 Popular Science Books About Sleep

Sleep is still a mysterious state of mind. The scientists are studying about sleep for many years and have made some breakthrough discoveries. Still, it is not enough. If you are curious to learn more about sleep and the science behind it then you should read the following books.

Popular Science The Science of Sleep

By – The Editors Of Popular Science

In this book, you will find scientific reasons for things like why we dream, how sleep improves memory, why we sleep at night and wake up in the morning, etc. You will also learn how sleep is being affected by the activities we do every day. You will also know about the deep-sleep cycle (REM).

Why We Sleep

By- Mathew Walker

Some sleep scientists say that sleep is essential than exercise or diet. But we hardly recognize the importance of sleep and we bother least about it. Major diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, etc. occur due to lack of sleep. In this book, you will know about the findings of twenty years of research related to sleep. The book is written by a scientific expert and you will know about the science behind sleep by reading this book.

The Secret World of Sleep

By – Penelope A. Lewis

Scientists have made lots of discoveries about the functions of our brain recently. They have also done various researchers on sleep. They have discovered that sleep can improve your brain. In this book, you will learn how sleep improves your health and boosts your creativity.

These books talk about the science behind the mysterious field of sleep. These books will not only help you to gain knowledge about sleep, you will also know about the benefits of having a good night’s sleep. Those who suffer from lack of sleep will also benefit from reading these books.

Top 4 Books About Diet And Exercise

Is losing weight one of your New Year’s resolutions? Then you should read the following books on diet and exercise. You won’t need to worry about losing weight anymore. These books give the perfect solutions for your weight-related problems.

Weight Watchers

By – Oliver Sweet

The diet mentioned in this book is followed by many popular celebrities like Oprah. This diet will give you results.You will find lots of interesting recipes in this book that will help you to lose weight faster.

Daily Dash for Weight Loss

By – Rockridge Press

Here you will get one of the most effective diet plans. The diet will help to reduce your blood pressure and your weight too. The diet is not very strict; you will find all kinds of foods here including whole grains, lean meats, fruits, and vegetables. It is a 28-day diet plan and is very effective.

Light on Yoga

By – B. K. S. Iyengar,‎ Yehudi Menuhin

This book teaches you the philosophy of yoga and tells you how to practice it daily. You will find illustrations of different breathing exercises and yoga positions.

Run Fast. Eat Slow

By – Shalane Flanagan,‎ Elyse Kopecky

The book is specially written for the athletes. One of the authors is an Olympian and the other is a shelf. You will find recipes for delicious food that will help to keep your proper body weight.

Most of these books were best-sellers. People got great results after following the tips and recipes written on these books. You should read these books if you want to lose weight.