Sleep is still a mysterious state of mind. The scientists are studying about sleep for many years and have made some breakthrough discoveries. Still, it is not enough. If you are curious to learn more about sleep and the science behind it then you should read the following books.

Popular Science The Science of Sleep

By – The Editors Of Popular Science

In this book, you will find scientific reasons for things like why we dream, how sleep improves memory, why we sleep at night and wake up in the morning, etc. You will also learn how sleep is being affected by the activities we do every day. You will also know about the deep-sleep cycle (REM).

Why We Sleep

By- Mathew Walker

Some sleep scientists say that sleep is essential than exercise or diet. But we hardly recognize the importance of sleep and we bother least about it. Major diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, etc. occur due to lack of sleep. In this book, you will know about the findings of twenty years of research related to sleep. The book is written by a scientific expert and you will know about the science behind sleep by reading this book.

The Secret World of Sleep

By – Penelope A. Lewis

Scientists have made lots of discoveries about the functions of our brain recently. They have also done various researchers on sleep. They have discovered that sleep can improve your brain. In this book, you will learn how sleep improves your health and boosts your creativity.

These books talk about the science behind the mysterious field of sleep. These books will not only help you to gain knowledge about sleep, you will also know about the benefits of having a good night’s sleep. Those who suffer from lack of sleep will also benefit from reading these books.